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Subject: SCA schedule

At the recent SCA J TC f2f meeting in Palo Alto, the TC discussed the 
schedule for completion of its work. In order to get to its goal of 
delivering the final specifications, it set the deadline of 15th Sep 
2008 for raising new issues for any of the four specifications (Spring, 
binding.ejb, JavaCAA and Java C&I) that it is working on. Starting 16th 
sep 2008, a higher bar will be used to open new issues. Specifically, 
the higher bar used will be same as the one used for reopening a 
resolved issue. I.e., 2/3rd majority of all voting members. This was 
done to spur TC members who may have issues but haven't gotten around to 
raising them to do so. The SCA-J TC chairs were also instructed to work 
forward from the 15 sep 2008 date to create a detailed schedule.

As a member of the SCA-J TC I took an AI to raise the schedule issue 
with the assembly TC. SCA-J TC has dependencies on the assembly spec and 
therefore would like to understand the schedule of this TC. This would 
allow the SCA-J TC to create a realistic schedule. I would therefore 
like to request the chairs to include this item on the TC call agenda 
(email response, as always, are most welcome).


On behalf of the OASIS SCA-J TC

[1] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-j/200807/msg00044.html

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