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Subject: Re: [sca-assembly] ISSUE 37: Need to clarify contents of an SCA Domain virtual composite

Finally, real progress toward completing my action item 2008-10-30-1...

I don't have specific text to propose yet, but these are the problem  
spots and my rough ideas of how to proceed.  Line numbers are as found  
in Mike's recent draft:


128: remove composites X and Z from the picture, replace with a new  
composite X wiring to Y

1136: change "elements" to "components and wires"

2821-23: delete, perhaps add clarifying stmt about no promoted  
services and refs

3526-27: replace the sentence with prose explaining that SCA only  
defines the meaning for components and wires

3551: delete the clause talking about "externally visible services",  
and add prose clarifying the lack of meaning for promoted services and  
refs (nothing to promote to)

4468: replace the sentence with one that says, effectively, "no  
services or references, because promotion is meaningless"

I welcome input, in particular any identification of a problem area I  


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