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Subject: NEW ISSUE: Inconsistency arising from ASSEMBLY-16 changes

TARGET: SCA Assembly specification

DESCRIPTION: Inconsistency arising from ASSEMBLY-16 changes

The resolution of ASSEMBLY-16 intriduced the notion of "structural URI"
as distinct from "binding URI".  The specification had previously been
unclear on the semantics of URIs for assembly model constructs such
as components, services, references and bindings.

The resolution to ASSEMBLY-16 was in two parts:
  1. A definition of "structural URI" to identify elements within the
     assembly model, based on their position within the assembly
  2. A clarification that the @uri attribute on <binding> specifies
     a "bindingURI" for use by bindings in a binding-specific manner.

The updates for this resolution were in sections 6.8 and 9.14 (section
numbers are taken from CD02).  Unfortunately some text in section 9
(Binding) was overlooked in the agreed proposal and as a result there
is an inconsistency between section 9 and sections 6.8/9.4/9.4.1.

In section 9, the last sub-bullet under the description of the
binding @uri element says:
  For a binding of a service the URI attribute defines the URI relative
  to the component, which contributes the service to the SCA domain.
  The default value for the URI is the value of the name attribute
  of the binding.

This text implies that only relative URIs can be specified, and that
the resulting URI so defined (...defines *the URI*...) is always
relative to the component.  However, the form of the resulting
resolved URI is not defined.  (The closest we have in the specification
is the form given in section 6.8, but this only uses the binding name
and does not use the binding's @uri attribute.)  This text in section 9
is also not consistent with section 9.4 which says that the bindingURI
specified in the binding's @uri attribute is used in a binding-specific
manner, nor with section 9.4.1 which gives examples of valid binding
URIs that aren't relative to the component, such as "jms:" URIs.

These contradictions result from an oversight in the resolution
to ASSEMBLY-16 which did not adapt the text in section 9 to the
changes made in sections 6.8 and 9.4.


Replace the above quoted words from section 9 by:
  For a binding of a service the URI attribute defines the bindingURI.
  If present, the bindingURI can be used by the binding as described
  in section 9.4.

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