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Subject: NEW ISSUE: Error in example under section 3.3 Example Implementation

TARGET: sca-assembly-1.1-spec-cd02-Rev4.doc

The java code in example in section 3.3  Example Implementation is using
(see lines 525-526) a @Property annotation on a String member with name
"currency" and this member is initialized to "USD".  The componentType xml
derived by introspection shows this "USD" as default value for the property
(see line 594).  This is an error, since it is not possible to obtain the
initializer value "USD" by introspection (at least in Java 5).

Remove initialization in java code at line 526 and delete the value "USD"
in line 594.

1. Replace line 526 with the following:

      private String currency;

2. Replace line 594 with the following:

<property name="currency" type="xsd:string"/>

Apache Tuscany Committer  http://tuscany.apache.org
Apache Geronimo Committer and Member of PMC  http://geronimo.apache.org

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