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Subject: What's the use case for @requires and @policySets on the SCA properties?


The assembly spec allows the @requires and @policySets on SCA properties. What's the use case here?

3990 <!-- Property -->
3991 <complexType name="SCAPropertyBase" mixed="true">
3992 <sequence>
3993 <any namespace="##any" processContents="lax" minOccurs="0"/>
3994 <!-- NOT an extension point; This any exists to accept
3995 the element-based or complex type property
3996 i.e. no element-based extension point under "sca:property" -->
3997 </sequence>
3998 <!-- mixed="true" to handle simple type -->
3999 <attribute name="requires" type="sca:listOfQNames" use="optional"/>
4000 <attribute name="policySets" type="sca:listOfQNames" use="optional"/>
4001 </complexType>


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