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Subject: NEW ISSUE: sca-1.1-schema-200803.xsd points to inexistent implementationschemas

The lines below, from the sca-1.1-schema-200803.xsd [1] points to inexistent schemas
   <include schemaLocation="sca-interface-cpp-1.1-schema-200803.xsd"/>
   <include schemaLocation="sca-interface-c-1.1-schema-200803.xsd"/>

   <include schemaLocation="sca-implementation-cpp-1.1-schema-200803.xsd"/>
   <include schemaLocation="sca-implementation-c-1.1-schema-200803.xsd"/>
   <include schemaLocation="sca-implementation-bpel-1.1-schema-200803.xsd"/>

Make the c/cpp schemas (which currently have a *-cd02 suffix) follow the same name pattern used by other schema files.
Upload BPEL implementation schema or remove  the reference from sca-1.1-schema-200803.xsd

[1] http://tools.oasis-open.org/version-control/browse/wsvn/sca-assembly/SCA_XSDS/sca-1.1-schema-200803.xsd

- Luciano

Luciano Resende
Open Source SOA -
Apache Tuscany
4400 N 1st St, San Jose - CA
Luciano Resende/Westford/IBM
internet IBM:
internet ASF:
Personal blog @ developerWorks : link
Apache Tuscany blog:

Great things are not done by impulse but by a series of small things brought together
- Vincent Van Gogh

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