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Subject: Continuing Test Assertion and TestCase review - section 7-10

Continuing with Section 7; I'm looking at SCA_Assembly_Test_Assertions_16.odt, SCA_Assembly_TestCases_22.odt and the CD03 assembly spec.

31) ConstrainingType is not optional in terms of compliance? I thought it was.

32) TA-7005 - Any ideas on what to do with this?

Continuing with Section 8

32) ASM_8001_TestCase - why does this testcase contribution contain TestInvocation.wsdl and the two java classes needed for the test? Aren't these supposed to be moved to other contributions?

33) TA-8003 - Predicate is wrong. It should be "...as observable by the service implementation."

34) TA-8003 - Here's another one that probably could be tested by language specific testcases. We've stumbled across a few of these now. It occurred to me that the assembly TC should provide guidance to each language TC stating that untestable assembly TAs should have a corresponding testcase(s) OR a statement that the Assembly TA is also untestable by the language TC. I'm trying to create some linkage/interlock between rules and semantics which are stated in assembly but which are not re-stated in the language specs, and therefore will probably fall through the cracks.

35) ASM_8009_TestCase only talks about covering the reference case, but the underlying test also covers the service case.

36) ASM_8012_TestCase only talks about covering the reference case, but TA-8014 covers services as well, so I think this test should be updated to cover services (similar to ASM_8009_TestCase).

37) ASM80017 - claims to be covered by ASM-TA-7, but there is no such assertion.

Continuing with Section 9

38) ASM_9003_TestCase - interesting. It has a hardcoded URI (<binding.ws uri="http://localhost:8080/TestComponent1"/>) that needs to be addressable in order for the testcase to work. The composite it's in will have to be factored somehow so that the correct URI can be provided when running this test on a specific runtime.

39) TA-10001 - typo, the source is ASM10001 (there's one too many zeroes in the source row).

Continuing with Section 10

No comments :-)

Dave Booz
STSM, BPM and SCA Architecture
Co-Chair OASIS SCA-Policy TC and SCA-J TC
"Distributed objects first, then world hunger"
Poughkeepsie, NY (845)-435-6093 or 8-295-6093

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