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Subject: [sca-assembly] SCA Assembly Test Suite - ASM_8010_TestCase issue

For ASM_8010 the service promoted by test:TestComposite55 is service1 rather than service5. Locally I fixed it at the TestComposite63 level but it could equally be fixed at the TestComposite55. I'm not sure whether the name service1 was chosen on purpose.

--- TestComposite63.composite        2009-07-22 14:12:55.000000000 +-0100
+++ TestComposite63.composite        2009-07-31 16:42:55.000000000 +-0100
@@ -15,24 +15,24 @@
 <composite xmlns="http://docs.oasis-open.org/ns/opencsa/sca/200903"
-        <service name="Service1" promote="TestComposite63TestComponent1/Service5">
+        <service name="Service1" promote="TestComposite63TestComponent1/Service1">
                 <!-- Callback interface here is not compatible with the callback interface of the promoted service -->
                 <interface.wsdl interface="http://test.sca.oasisopen.org/#wsdl.porttype(Service5)"
     <property name="serviceName" type="string"/>
     <component name="TestComposite63TestComponent1">
                 <implementation.composite name="test:TestComposite55"/>
-        <service name="Service5">
+        <service name="Service1">
                        <interface.wsdl interface="http://test.sca.oasisopen.org/#wsdl.porttype(Service5)"
         <property name="serviceName" source="$serviceName"/>



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