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Subject: Runtime-specific artifacts in conformance tests

In looking at the conformance assembly tests, I noticed a number of  
runtime-specific artifacts required for the build. Given these are  
supposed to be vendor-neutral, they probably should be removed before  
the tests are finalized:

- Tuscany SCA API jar
- Tuscany Maven Zip plugin
- Tuscany Maven Bundle Plugin
- Tuscany Maven Eclipse Plugin
- Tuscany runtime and Eclipse runtime libraries transitively pulled in  
by the Test_Client module. Running the Maven dependency plugin shows:

	[INFO] +- org.apache.tuscany.sca:tuscany-sca-api:jar:2.0- 
	[INFO] +- org.apache.tuscany.sca:tuscany-node-launcher-equinox:jar: 
	[INFO] |  +- javax.servlet:servlet-api:jar:2.5:compile
	[INFO] |  +- org.eclipse:osgi:jar:3.5.0-v20090520:compile
	[INFO] |  \- commons-cli:commons-cli:jar:1.2:compile
	[INFO] +- org.apache.tuscany.sca:tuscany-node-api:jar:2.0- 

I realize the Tuscany SCA API jar was included because the OASIS  
version is not available from a public Maven repository. However, this  
could be handled by including the OASIS jar in the subversion  
repository and creating a Maven project that invokes an Ant script to  
install the jar in the local Maven repository where it will be  
available to the build. If would helpful, I can provide this.

I am unclear as to why the other plugins and runtime-specific  
artifacts are needed to build the test artifacts. I'm happy to help  
remove these once someone explains what they are intended for.


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