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Subject: Assembly test contributions containing invalid composites

I don't know if we should be discussing this on the assembly list or  
elsewhere but here goes....

I may have come across an issue with the way the test suites are  
structured. Currently, the language-specific contributions (e.g.  
General_Java) contain invalid composite files used for negative  
testing. The problem I am faced with is the  language specific  
contribution is installed prior to running the tests, resulting in the  
correct behavior of errors being thrown. However, the errors are  
thrown at installation, prior to the test cases being run. I believe  
it is still valid for a runtime to refuse contributions in this manner  
as this issue was discussed in the TC a while back.

It seems as if there are two options:

1. Tell test suite users to deal with it themselves and modify the  
suite to fit the way their runtime works

2. Decompose implementation-specific contributions so that they can be  
installed as the individual negative tests are run.

#1 doesn't seem very palatable and will place a large burden on test  
suite users as they will be forced to sync their modified test suite  
with the OASIS one to accommodate changes and bug fixes.

Is there another option available or do people have a suggestion on  
how to handle this?


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