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Subject: Issue 227: what does promotion of channels mean wrt intents/policies

One of the things that has been proposed by Eric is promotion of 
channels outside of a composite. I'm assuming that such promotions will 
allow for intents/policies to be added on promoted channels by 
composites at higher levels. I'm not sure what that means to 
consumers/subscribers that are deeper down in the hierarchy.

I imagine that channel policies/intents will impact all the 
consumers/producers connected to it. When a channel is promoted with 
additional/different intents/policies on it, what happens to 
consumers/producers that are connected to the same channel at a lower 
level. Are they affected by the additional intents/policies? If they are 
that would be very counter-intuitive. If they are not affected, is it 
still the same channel? For example, if it is a JMS topic, it is going 
to be the same topic for the consumers/producers at all levels. The 
topic has to be created with particular guarantees/persistence that are 
going to affect all consumers/producers. This changes the intent model. 
The intents would now flow up *and* down the hierarchy.


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