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Subject: A look at use-cases for composition with eventing, alternate approachesto make them work better

I've had an action item to pull together use cases relevant for discussing the various options around how to think about composing with eventing.

Well, maybe it wasn't an official action item at first, but I took it as a useful exercise to apply some rigor to what I proposed, and actually put my proposal through its paces, along with a bunch of other options, to see how they all fare.

I definitely tried to do this fairly. it is possible that I've overlooked some aspect of the current WD, or that I didn't implement other options fairly, or that there are yet alternate ways that we could try to tackle the problem.

Which, by way of introduction, I mean to say, please send back comments, arrows, darts, alternate use-cases/scenarios you'd like to see me pursue in any of the different approaches.  Or, please feel free to suggest alternate approaches.

Unfortunately, I'm on vacation next week, so I'll be tardy in catching up with whatever discussion we might have, at least any that happens after Friday afternoon.

Attached, please find both the PDF and ODG format.


channel scenarios5.pdf

channel scenarios.odg

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