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Subject: Portland F2F logistics

Below is the info on the Portland f2f to be held from 22nd Sept - 24th 
Sept, 2010. Please let me know if you plan to attend (including dietary 
restrictions, if any), so that I can make appropriate arrangements 
(food/room). Send me an email if you have any questions.


1211 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 800 (8th floor)
Portland, Oregon 97204 USA
Phone: +1-503-228-1520





The airport is ~ 15 miles from downtown. You can either take the MAX red 
line (more info on that below), rent a car, or take a taxi. Note that 
most downtown hotels will charge you for parking. Taxi will be 
approximately, 30-45 USD depending on traffic/destination. The red line 
takes about 40 minutes from the airport to Pioneer Square station (costs 
2.30 USD). All trains/streetcars (but not buses) within downtown Free 
Rail Zone are free (see more info below).


Hilton and Heathman hotels are the closest (<5 min walking distance) --


but there are lots of hotels (chain, boutique, budget, high end) within 
walking distance or a short bus/train ride away. Use your favorite hotel 
booking site/company tool/google maps to find one. If you have any 
questions, let me know. In addition to Portland downtown, which is on 
the west side of the river, there are several more hotels on the east 
side near the convention center. It is a short (and free) ride from the 
convention center to Oracle offices.


http://trimet.org/index.htm (you can use trip planner to plan your trip) 
Use MAX red line to get to/from PDX to downtown. The station is located 
on the 1st floor of the airport right next to the terminal.

Free Rail Zone: http://trimet.org/fares/fareless.htm

Apps -- Trimet opened up their feeds to the public, so there are plenty 
of apps for your smart phone http://trimet.org/apps/index.htm

Meeting facilities:

There will be A/V equipment and Plantronics speaker phones available. 
Lunch/Coffee/Tea/Drinks/etc will be made available. There are also 
several restaurants/carts around, if we want to step out for lunch.


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