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Subject: NEW ISSUE: (1.2) Must a global domain channel be deployed beforeit can be used?

Title: Must a global domain channel be deployed before it can be used?

Target: Assembly 1.2 WD 03


Via the "@target" and "@source" attributes defined on a consumer & 
producer, the assembler can reference global domain channels.

In section 5.8, the presumed to be normative text reads "SCA runtimes 
MUST support the use of domain channels [ASM????]."  That is followed by:

"To create a Domain Channel, deploy a composite containing a channel 
directly to the SCA Domain (i.e., do not use that composite as the 
implementation of some component in the Domain)."

Neither of the above indicate whether or not the global domain channel 
can be used before it is referenced.


General theme: do not require the global domain channel to exist before 
it can be used.

Specific text (needs refinement?):

In section 5.8, Paragraph #2, append:

When contributing artifacts to a domain that contain references to 
global domain channels that have not been created, the SCA runtime MUST 
automatically create said global domain channels, and cannot reject such 
contributions [ASM????].

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