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Subject: Re: [sca-assembly] [Issue 253]: (1.2) Must a global domain channelbe deployed before it can be used?

Hi Mike,

On 2/18/11 11:06 AM, Danny van der Rijn wrote:
4D5EC330.60708@tibco.com" type="cite"><vdR2>
I agree that mechanically there is little difference between an unsatisfied reference and an unsatisfied GDC.  Semantically, however, there is quite a difference.  In order to mechanically satisfy the unsatisfied GDC (albeit minimally) all that is required is a name, and the name is known exactly by the unsatisfied use of the GDC.  Therefore the runtime already has enough information to head off the error.  Not so in the case of an unsatisfied reference.

OF29957524.44368224-ON80257838.003AB000-80257838.003B4D32@uk.ibm.com" type="cite">
Thank you for putting it so clearly.

My concerns with auto-creation surround this possibility of deployment taking place as a series of steps, rather than as a "single big bang" - and with the question of what happens at the completion of each step.

I am concerned with the case where the Domain level channel is there *somewhere* in the deployed contributions but where it has not yet been deployed.  Allowing auto-creation in these circumstances is problematic, if auto-creation occurs before the deployment of the Domain level channel.

At least for this point, this is one of the reasons that I filed


If this matters to you, perhaps we should address the question of how they're deployed before worrying about whether they can be auto-deployed?


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