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Subject: Policy intent examples for eventing

I (along with 'et alia') had an action to start a thread on end-to-end policy examples for the eventing space. I'm hoping this email will start the discussion. The examples are not exhaustive. This is just an attempt to get the discussion going.

1) confidentiality
Confidentiality is on the message and therefore needs to be maintained over all links in the message path. In the case of a broadcast/peer-to-peer model, there is only one hop (at least at a higher level) between a producer and a consumer. But in a broker or hub-and-spoke scenario there are multiple hops. Confidentiality will have to preserved over all hops. One way to do this is to require confidentiality on the SCA channel and require intent matching on all producers and consumers.

2) authentication
There are more than one possible usecases here. It may be that the events are sensitive in nature and therefore all producers and consumers have to be authenticated (say payroll related events). In this case, the previous model of intents on the channel and requiring intent matching on all producers/consumers will work. But there is another usecase where producers are required to be authenticated but consumers are not. For example, you want everyone to get earthquake reports, but allow only authenticated producers to generate one. One way would be to use multiple bindings on the channel (via extensions) and get producers to use the binding that requires authentication, whereas consumers use an unauthenticated binding. Another way is to do some kind of channel forwarding/mirroring (behind the scenes) and have two channels, one for producers, one for consumers. Another possibility is to allow one to specify whether intents specified on channels are applicable to producers or consumers or both. I'm sure there are more.


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