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sca-assembly message

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Subject: Draft Minutes from 2012-06-12


      draft minutes from 2012-06-12 are attached.


Best Regards,



Eric Wells

Consulting Engineer

Hitachi Ltd.

Cell: +1 415 672 2594



Title: SCA-Assembly - 2012-06-12



Oasis SCA-Assembly Teleconference

12 JUN 2012



Aupperle, Bryan IBM Voting Member
Chapman, Matrin Oracle Chair
Edwards, Mike IBM Chair
Freund, Robert Hitachi, Ltd. Voting Member
Holdsworth, Simon IBM Voting Member
Kaiser, Mike IBM Voting Member
Karmarkar, Anish Oracle Voting Member
Malhotra, Ashok Oracle Voting Member
Mischkinsky, Jeff Oracle Member
Pilz, Gilbert Oracle Voting Member
van der Rijn, Danny TIBCO Software, Inc. Member
Wells, Eric Hitachi, Ltd. Voting Member


Martin Chapman
Mike Edwards


Eric Wells


1. Intro
Roll call
Scribe confirmation
Agenda bashing

2. Approval of minutes of previous SCA-Assembly TC meeting

3. Consideration of the Status of SCA Assembly Model V1.1 specification.

4. AOB


[1]  Intro
[2]  Approval of minutes
[3]  Status of SCA Assembly Model V1.1 specification
[4]  AOB
Table of Resolutions
Table of Action Items

Action Items



Scribe: Eric Wells


Roll 9/14 = 64% - Quorate
Agenda - as posted

Approval of minutes

Resolution: Minutes of 2012-03-06 approved w/o

Status of SCA Assembly Model V1.1 specification

Any reports of updates?
Nothing heard
Not aware of any new implementations
...IBM Websphere containing implementation of SCA Assembly, etc has been released
...Status not really changed in any material way
Set up another meeting in 3 months?
Original resolution was only to suspend until today - nothing said about further status
Motion: Suspend TC activity for further 90 days (4th Sept) m=MikeK s=BryanA
Prefer not to say "suspend" - may need to address comments or other issues
4th is day after Labour Day in USA - delay for another week until 11th
motion amended
Motion: Schedule next SCA Assembly meeting for 11th of September, 2012 m=MikeK s=BryanA
Resolution: Schedule next SCA Assembly meeting for 11th of September, 2012 w/o


This will be last meeting for Hitachi
It's been a pleasure working on this TC
Thanks for Hitachi's participation
thanks bob/ericw for all the scribing help
Martin - It's been good working with you all - I'm sorry we won't be around for the final publication
bob and ericw - thanks so much for your participation and efforts
Thanks to all - and best wishes for completion of the all the SCA specs
thanks ;-)
<Mike Edwards (UK)>
can you record Gil Pilz as a straggler please
Straggler role - GilP
roll is up to date!
Adjourned 8:18Am PDT

[End of Minutes]
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