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Subject: RE: [sca-assembly] Groups - Event "Scheduled SCA Assembly Conf Call" modified

Indeed we did agree on this dates on the 9th October: https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/sca-assembly/download.php/47148

Bad chairs for not putting this in the OASIS calendar and forgetting.




From: Danny van der Rijn [mailto:dannyv@tibco.com]
Sent: 15 January 2013 16:16
To: Mike Edwards
Cc: sca-assembly@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Re: [sca-assembly] Groups - Event "Scheduled SCA Assembly Conf Call" modified


Was there a meeting today?  No moderator on con call. 

On Oct 10, 2012, at 8:56 AM, "Mike Edwards" <mike_edwards@uk.ibm.com> wrote:

Event Title: Scheduled SCA Assembly Conf Call

Date: Tuesday, 12 June 2012, 11:00am to 12:00pm EDT

TC teleconference 

Chat room: 



Full list of numbers available is here: 

Australia Toll-Free 1-800-85-4950 Caller Paid 0-2-80318490
Austria Toll-Free 0800-07-0079 Caller Paid 0-1-2530601
Belgium Toll-Free 0800-3-9022 Caller Paid 0-2-8946410
Brazil Toll-Free 0800-890-0288 888-426-6840
Bulgaria Toll-Free 00800-117-4514 
Canada Toll-Free 888-426-6840 
Chile Toll-Free 1230-020-0719 
China Toll-Free 4001-201-478
Czech Republic Toll-Free 800-143-484 Caller Paid 2-39016353
Denmark Toll-Free 80-717000 Caller Paid 32711870
Finland Toll-Free 0800-9-18357 Caller Paid 0-9-72519565
France Toll-Free 0800-94-0558 Caller Paid 0-170911580
Germany Toll-Free 0800-000-1018 Caller Paid 0-69-2443-2290 
Greece Toll-Free 00-800-11-006-7783 
Hungary Toll-Free 06-800-19-306 Caller Paid 0-1-7789195
India FIXED LINE Caller Paid 33-558-811
India MOBILE Caller Paid 0-XX-33-558-811 XX=2 DIGIT CITY CODE
India MOBILE Caller Paid 0-XXX-33-558-81 XXX=3 DIGIT CITY CODE
Ireland Toll-Free 1-800-943-427 Caller Paid 0-1-5264424
Italy Toll-Free 800-975100 Caller Paid 0-2-00621263
Japan Caller Paid 0-3-64042596
Japan Toll-Free 00531-11-0086 - JAPAN KDD USERS 
Japan Toll-Free 0066-33-830321 - JAPAN C&W USERS 
Japan Toll-Free 0034-800-900377 - JAPAN NTT USERS 
South Korea Toll-Free 00798-1-1-006-7783 Caller Paid 0-2-348-31399
Mexico Toll-Free 888-426-6840
Netherlands Toll-Free 0-800-363-6036 Caller Paid 0-20-7996800
Norway Toll-Free 800-16771 Caller Paid 23162149
Portugal Toll-Free 800-7-80880 
Romania Toll-Free 0-800-896910 
South Africa Toll-Free 0800-983-687 
Spain Toll-Free 900-8-01334 Caller Paid 9-1-7878580
Sweden Toll-Free 0200-12-5807 Caller Paid 0-8-50515100
Switzerland Toll-Free 0800-89-4800 Caller Paid 0-43-2101240
United Kingdom Toll-Free 0800-368-0638 Caller Paid 0-20-30596451
USA Toll-Free 888-426-6840 Caller Paid 215-861-6239 

Participant Code: 3308084

This meeting counts towards voter eligibility.



1. Intro 



Roll call 

Scribe confirmation 

Agenda bashing 


2. Approval of minutes of previous SCA-Assembly TC meeting 



3. Consideration of the Status of SCA Assembly Model V1.1 specification.


4. AOB


Owner: Dr. Martin Chapman
Group: OASIS Service Component Architecture / Assembly (SCA-Assembly) TC
Sharing: This event is shared with the OASIS Open (General Membership), and General Public groups. Public Event Link

Referenced Items

SCA Assembly Minutes 2012-06-12.html (15K)


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