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Subject: Test_BWS_2021.composite - confusing test comment

OK, this is a real minor comment:

This XML comment in Test_BWS_2021.composite was confusing me

        <reference name="Reference1">
            <!-- binding.ws has a @wsdlElement attribute with a value that points to WSDL service element
                 and this element has an invalid WSDL port element defined -->
                <binding.ws uri="&ws_addr_2021;" />

until I realized it had apparently been copied over from Test_BWS_2005.composite.  

It also shows up in Test_BWS_2007.composite, Test_BWS_2013.composite, though it's almost correct enough in those contexts.

Scott Kurz
WebSphere SOA (SCA) Development
T/L 295-5649;
External Phone 845-435-5649

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