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Subject: Draft Minutes of the SCA Bindings TC for 20-Sep-2007


Draft Minutes of the SCA Bindings TC for 20-Sep-2007



Chair: Simon Holdsworth

Scribe: Michael Rowley


* Meeting convened: 13:30 PDT


* Roll call

92% of voting members in attendance


* Agenda read


* Request for permanent secretary volunteers

No volunteer


Scribe assignment for each TC meeting will be assigned in the order of the group members as listed on the OASIS public page for the TC.

First person on the list who is present: Michael Rowley

Michael Rowley will scribe.


(List recorded here so that we can use it for the scribe queue – scribe moves himself to bottom)


            Dale Moberg     Axway Software

            Reza Shafii       BEA Systems, Inc.       

            William Barnhill  Booz Allen Hamilton     

            Jeff Anderson   Deloitte Consulting LLP

            Jacques Durand            Fujitsu Limited  

            Tom Rutt           Fujitsu Limited  

            Bryan Aupperle IBM     

            Michael Beisiegel          IBM     

            David Booz       IBM     

            Jean-Sebastien Delfino  IBM     

            Mike Edwards   IBM     

            Simon Holdsworth         IBM

            Simon Nash      IBM     

            Piotr Przybylski IBM     

            Martin Chapman            Oracle Corporation       

            Uday Joshi       Oracle Corporation       

            Khanderao Kand           Oracle Corporation       

            Anish Karmarkar            Oracle Corporation       

            Nickolaos Kavantzas     Oracle Corporation       

            Jason Kinner     Oracle Corporation       

            Ashok Malhotra Oracle Corporation       

            Jeff Mischkinsky           Oracle Corporation       

            Tim Watson       Oracle Corporation       

            Jaime Meritt      Progress Software       

            Mark Little         Red Hat           

            Ron Barack       SAP AG           

            Henning Blohm  SAP AG           

            Sanjay Patil       SAP AG           

            Peter Peshev    SAP AG           

            Pete Wenzel      Sun Microsystems        

            Laurent Domenech        TIBCO Software Inc.     

            Eric Johnson     TIBCO Software Inc.     

            Scott Vorthmann           TIBCO Software Inc.     

            Michael Rowley BEA Systems, Inc.       


* Minutes Approval

Mike E / Tom Rutt moves/seconds minutes approval

No objections.


* Nominations for co-chair (in addition to Simon).

No nominations given.


* Contributions

Chair notes that two contributions have been made (JMS binding and WS binding).


* Editors

Mike E: Moves that a subcommittee be formed for all editors of all specs from this TC.

Henning seconds.

No objections.


Nominations for editors for all specifications associated with this TC.


Anish Karmarkar (conditional on being allowed to only work on WS binding)

Khanderao Kand

Piotr Przybylski

Sanjay Patil

Simon Holdsworth


* Issues Editor

Request for issues editor volunteers.

Eric Johnson


* Testing

Volunteers for leading the testing effort?



* Substitute chairs for meetings in October that Simon can't make:

Michael Rowley volunteers to substitute chair for 10/25

Martin will substitute for 10/18


* Issues process description

Issues state diagram described by Martin


* Standing Rule for re-opening closed issues

Martin moved that the TC accept a standing rule that to reopen an issue that has been closed a web vote will be conducted by the TC chairs with a special majority required to pass.

Tom seconded.

No objections.


*Creation of first working drafts

Martin moves that we instruct the editing subcommittee to apply an OASIS Specification Template to each of the contributed specifications in order to produce the first working draft specifications for this TC.

Bryan Aupperle seconded.

No objections.


* 15 Minute break


* Charter

Walk-through skipped due to lack of interest


* Web Service Binding walked through by Simon Holdsworth

Eric: notes that there are specification mentions WSDL 2.0, but does not follow through the rest of the document.

   An example is that an intent could be created to request the generation of WSDL 2.0 rather than WSDL 1.1.


- Discussion of whether/when policySets cause WS-Policy attachments to be generated in the WSDL for a binding.ws instance.

   Agreement that an issue lurks here.


- Question of whether this TC can pass an issue to another TC.

    Jeff: The only way to send an email to a TC is for a member to send the email (not TC to TC).


* Walk through of the JMS binding specification


* Discussion of the status of the JCA binding specification

No contribution has yet been made w.r.t. a JCA binding

A specification for JCA binding will be posted on the OSOA site on Friday.

A contribution to this TC can be expected in about a month.


* Other bindings

The charter allows for binding specifications to be created for several other technologies (REST, ATOM, etc).

Anyone on the TC is free to contribute a document that could be used to initiate work on any of these bindings.



Simon: should we consider adding an example to the specification to show how callbacks can be supported with the WS binding specification?

General agreement that it would be a good idea.

It would not profile a technology like WS-Addressing, since it would not say how thinks must be done, but only how they may be done.


Owen: will the issues process prevent bindings from being worked on that are of interest by only a small subgroup of the bindings TC?

Answer (from various): any technology will ultimately have to go through a majority of the TC.


* Meeting adjourned 16:04 PDT



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