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Subject: NEW ISSUE: JMS binding, definition of headers


JMS Binding Specification , section 4 (JMS Binding Schema), version 1.1


The JMS binding schema defines in two places JMSDeliveryMode as
"string", JMSTimeToLive as "int" and JMSPriority as "string". However in
the JMS API those are defined respectively as int, long and int. 

Since TimeToLive is defined as milliseconds the SCA limitation to int
forces the developer to provide  expiration times smaller than ~25 days
which may be too small for some long running processes. 
The definition of the other two values (string) raises the question
whether something else besides int values will be accepted by SCA
Runtimes and how it will affect the produced JMS message.


In both the defined places JMSTimeToLive should be changed to long,
JMSPriority should be changed to enumerated type from 0 to 9 (only
allowed values by the JMS spec) and JMSDeliveryMode should be changed to
enumerated type - "PERSISTENT, NON_PERSISTENT". (The names of the two
int constants in javax.jms.DeliveryMode which seems to be commonly

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