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Subject: Draft Minutes 8th November 2007

Martin Chapman                                 
Consulting Member of Technical Staff           
P: +353 87 687 6654                           
e: martin.chapman@oracle.com                   
OASIS SCA Bindings Meeting Minutes 8th November

Topic:  Opening
 Scribe: Martin C


Michael Rowley BEA Systems, Inc.  
Tom Rutt 	Fujitsu Limited*  
Bryan Aupperle IBM  
Michael Beisiegel IBM  
David Booz IBM  
Mike Edwards IBM  
Simon Holdsworth IBM  
Simon Nash IBM  
Piotr Przybylski IBM  
Martin Chapman Oracle Corporation  
Anish Karmarkar Oracle Corporation  
Ashok Malhotra Oracle Corporation  
Henning Blohm SAP AG*  
Sanjay Patil SAP AG*  
Laurent Domenech TIBCO Software Inc.  
Nimish Hathalia TIBCO Software Inc.  
Eric Johnson TIBCO Software Inc. 

 Meeting quorate

 Minutes to be put into a document and posted to doc repository.

 this when aprroving minutes we approve a document.

 Topic: Minutes

 2. Approval of minutes of SCA-Binding TC meeting of 25th October 


 Motion by Mike E, 2nd Henning B to approve minutes of the 25th

 no discussion, no objections. Minutes approved

 Topic: Actions

 Action: [Editors] a new section be inserted before appendices on conformance.

 discuss next item

 Action: [Peter Peshev] create a proposal for BINDINGS-5 based on Mike Rs proposal.

 ongoing as peter not here

 Action: [Martin Chapman] formulate issue on binding namespaces

 Done. Issue Raised

 Topic: Working draft of specifications

 We have no deadlines or plans for next working drafts.

 There is an email from Anish with a proposed working draft attached.

 ACTION: Anish to upload into the doc repository

Mike Edwards: remember to use the right name & numbering convention  

Sanjay: I don't understand why we need to ask oasis staff for creating folders. Secretaries used to have this 'privilege' before

anish: sanjay, i asked mary about this and she said that they changed this cause they did not want the secy to delete any folders

Dave Booz this is really not intuitive.  Henning, I have a feeling that I'm not doing the right thing in SCA-J

anish: ... and delete and create permissions are linked

 topic: Inter-SCA TC Liaison Committee Representative 

 Simon doesnt have time to do this so asked for volunteers. Anish volunteered.

 Mike R can act as a backup.

 Motion Martin, David Booz 2nds for Anish and Mike R to represent SCA Bindings on the Liaision TC

 No discussion, No objections. Motion Passed

 Topic: New Issues

 Three news issues

Are JMS message selectors supported? (raised by Peter Peshev)

 Motion Henning, 2nd Sanjay to accept and open issue 12

 No discussion, No objections. Motion Passed

What namespace(s) do we use for each binding?

Dave Booz isn't any open issue fair game for someone to work on a proposal?

 this is a result of discussion from previous meeting

 Motion Martin, Eric J 2nds to accept and open

 No discussion, No objections. Motion Passed

Define Conformance Targets

 There will be cross TC and TC specific targets

 Motion Martin, 2nd Bryan A, accept and open issue

 Eric: resolution would be to define targets for each specification so do we tackle this one for each spec

 Mike E: there are probably some generic binding targets that apply to all

 No objections, Motion Passes

 Topic: Discussion of issues

Are JMS message selectors supported?

 ACTION: Peter Peshev to provide detailed write up for Issue 12.

Rules for WSDL generation create invalid WSDL by using "/" where it is not allowed. Proposal within the issue.

anish: would underscore make more sense here?

anish: since it is a generated name

 in WSDL 1.1 NMTOKENs dont allow a slash. proposal to change to a hyphen

 Henning: why hyphen and not underscore

 Eric: underscore more likely to be used in a name

 Anish: was going to propose underscore as in xml land more common to see hyphens. underscores better for generated names

 Eric: if using java far more likely to have a hyphen

 Eric: if using java far more likely to have a hyphen

 Eric: if using java far more likely to have a hyphen

 Eric: if using java far more likely to have a hyphen

 Simon N: is there no character that is safe to use without ambiguity

 ACTION: Eric to find any non conflicting characters for issue 10 proposal

 Mike R: are we trying to use this in the wrong way? trying to put a compound name where it shouldnt

 Eric: There is another issue about the name generation

 Revisit issue when eric finishes action item

 Topic: AOB

 OSOA SCA JCA 1.1 has been made to the TC

 ACTION: Piotr P to upload the contibution

 ACTION: Editors to convert the JCA contribution into OASIS format

 Next weeks meeting is cancelled, and week after that is thanksgiving. so next meeting in three weeks

 Meeting closed

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