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Subject: Re: [sca-bindings] Fw: OpenCSA TC F2F at OASIS Symposium (Apr 28- May 1)

Hi Simon,

Given the pace we've set so far, I'm guessing that there is probably an 80-90% chance we'll have significant issues to deal with that are worthy of a F2F.


Simon Holdsworth wrote:
OF4DE9C203.6FB390CE-ON80257395.004B5E1D-80257395.004BB45A@uk.ibm.com" type="cite">

Given that there is no Bindings TC meeting before the deadline of 23rd November, I'd appreciate any feedback on whether members of the Bindings TC feel that a face to face meeting in the week of April 28th -May 1st, in Santa Clara at the OASIS Symposium (along with possible face to face meetings of some of the other TCs) would be useful.

I don't believe that we would need an additional face to face in January, but I'm open to suggestions.

Thanks, Simon

Simon Holdsworth
STSM, SCA Bindings Architect; Master Inventor; OASIS SCA Bindings TC Chair
MP 211, IBM UK Labs, Hursley Park, Winchester SO21 2JN, UK
Tel +44-1962-815059 (Internal 245059) Fax +44-1962-816898
Internet - Simon_Holdsworth@uk.ibm.com

----- Forwarded by Simon Holdsworth/UK/IBM on 16/11/2007 13:43 -----
David Booz <booz@us.ibm.com>

14/11/2007 19:11

"Patil, Sanjay" <sanjay.patil@sap.com>
"Anish Karmarkar" <Anish.Karmarkar@oracle.com>, ashok.malhotra@oracle.com, Bryan Aupperle <aupperle@us.ibm.com>, "Dee Schur" <dee.schur@oasis-open.org>, "Blohm, Henning" <henning.blohm@sap.com>, jane.harnad@oasis-open.org, "Martin Chapman" <martin.chapman@oracle.com>, Mike Edwards/UK/IBM@IBMGB, "Michael Rowley" <mrowley@bea.com>, opencsa-sc@lists.oasis-open.org, "Barack, Ron" <ron.barack@sap.com>, Simon Holdsworth/UK/IBM@IBMGB
Re: OpenCSA TC F2F at OASIS Symposium (Apr 28 - May 1)

Thanks Sanjay. Some of us have discussed having F2F TC meetings in Jan
based on the desire to accelerate progress early in the cycle.  How do the
other chairs feel about 1 in Jan and 1 in April?

I'll put this on the Policy TC agenda for Nov 19 (Mon).

Dave Booz
STSM, SCA and WebSphere Architecture
Co-Chair OASIS SCA-Policy TC
"Distributed objects first, then world hunger"
Poughkeepsie, NY (845)-435-6093  or  8-295-6093

            "Patil, Sanjay"                                              
            .com>                                                      To
                                      "Mike Edwards"                      
            11/14/2007 01:09          <mike_edwards@uk.ibm.com>, "Martin  
            PM                        Chapman"                            
                                      <martin.chapman@oracle.com>, "Anish
                                      "Michael Rowley" <mrowley@bea.com>,
                                      "Blohm, Henning"                    
                                      <henning.blohm@sap.com>, Bryan      
                                      <ashok.malhotra@oracle.com>, David  
                                      <jane.harnad@oasis-open.org>, "Dee  
                                      Schur" <dee.schur@oasis-open.org>,  
                                      "Barack, Ron" <ron.barack@sap.com>  
                                      OpenCSA TC F2F at OASIS Symposium  
                                      (Apr 28 - May 1)                    

Chairs of the OpenCSA TCs,

I would like to draw your attention to the following note, in
particular, I wanted to check if your TC has discussed the possibility
of hosting a F2F meeting at the OASIS Symposium during spring 2008.

Given the cross participation of many members across the various OpenCSA
TCs, I think it would be convenient to arrange the F2F meetings of more
than one OpenCSA TCs at the same location (during the same week). The
OASIS spring symposium seems to provide such an opportunity to host
multiple OpenCSA TC F2F meetings.

Since the deadline for reserving the space for meetings is Nov 23rd, I
think that your TCs should discuss this matter on the upcoming
conf-calls (before Nov 23rd). I plan to bring up this topic for
discussion on the next SCA BPEL TC meeting (coming Thu).


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Dee Schur [mailto:dee.schur@oasis-open.org]
> Sent: Wednesday, Nov 14, 2007 6:21 AM
> To: opencsa-sc@lists.oasis-open.org
> Cc: jane.harnad@oasis-open.org
> Subject: [opencsa-sc] Open CSA MS at the OASIS Symposium
> Dear Open CSA Members,
> Thank you for allowing me a few minutes to speak to the group
> about our
> spring Symposium. We're very excited about this year's event
> and are hopeful
> that the Member Section (and related TCs) will take advantage
> of all the
> possibilities.  A few reminders and deadlines are listed
> below for your
> review.  Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions.
> Regards, Jane
> ~ "Keynote Recommendations" - deadline 16 November
> Suggestions may be emailed directly to me or Dee Schur.
> ~ "Open CSA Member Section Support"
> We would like to list the Open CSA Member Section as an
> official supporter
> of the Symposium.  Please let us know if we need to supply
> any additional
> details.
> ~ "Meeting Space" - deadline 23 November
> If the Member Section and/or related TCs are considering
> hosting a press
> briefing, F2F TC meetings, recruiting workshop, or other;
> please forward
> those details to me as soon as possible.  Meeting space is
> limited and we
> would like to be sure to reserve that space first.
> ~ Encourage SCA and SDO submissions for presentations and tutorials -
> deadline 17 December.  Also please feel free to distribute
> the call for
> participation announcement to all relevant lists, wikis, blogs, etc.
> Jane Harnad
> Manager of Events
> jane.harnad@oasis-open.org
> Office Hours:  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
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