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Subject: RE: [sca-bindings] ISSUE-18: Clarify the rules on which queues are used for responses and callbacks

Hi Simon,

Just one clarifying question - the issue title & the proposal is
formulated only for queues. However someone may use topics for responses
(although that's somewhat bizarre usecase). Anyway, theoretically the
topic can be supplied by either javax.jms.Message.setReplyTo() from
non-SCA or via /binding.jms/response/destination 

Do you think we need to cover those cases as well ?

Best Regards


From: Eric Johnson [mailto:eric@tibco.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, 27. November 2007 07:58
To: Simon Holdsworth
Cc: sca-bindings@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Re: [sca-bindings] ISSUE-18: Clarify the rules on which queues
are used for responses and callbacks

Logged as: http://www.osoa.org/jira/browse/BINDINGS-18


Simon Holdsworth wrote: 

	Target: JMS binding
	Description: The JMS binding spec currently doesn't say how the
response and callback element definitions relate to messages that are
sent from a reference, and those sent by a service, and what the
precedence of the message's replyTo and scaCallbackQueue are relative to
the SCDL definitions.
	Messages sent from a JMS reference with a response queue have
the JMS replyTo queue set to the response queue name. 
	For messages received by a service, by default the replyTo, if
present, overrides any defined response element. 
	If scaCallbackQueue is present in a message, the callback
binding destination is ignored. 
	Clarify that in the callback/conversation section that the use
of replyTo and service callback queue are there for interacting with
non-SCA applications 
	Possible additional updates that relate to these: 
	Add "overrideReplyTo={true|false}" attribute to the <response>
element for a service indicating always use vs. only use if no replyTo
specified in a given received message - false is the default).   
	Add "overrideCallbackQueue="{true|false}" attribute to
<binding.jms>, which applies when the binding is used on a service
callback, to indicate whether the service callback queue is always used
or only when no replyTo and scaCallbackQueue in a received request
	Add "useForCallback="{true|false}" attribute to the <response>
element for a reference that inficates that callbacks should go to the
replyTo queue without having to duplicate the definition in a callback
service binding. 
	Simon Holdsworth


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