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Subject: Re: [sca-bindings] Face-to-face in Burlington - JCA on agenda?

Hi Peter,

Peshev, Peter wrote:
> So just sharing my view, the only open issue for the JCA is Bindings-22
> "Bindings specifications should provide exemplary Implementations for
> Callbacks and Conversations"
Yes, er, I suppose that would be the only *open* issue. I started 
reading the JCA specification for the first time about two weeks back, 
thinking I should, so as to be prepared for our upcoming F2F. A few 
pages in, I realized I had already encountered a handful of editorial 
issues, such as spelling errors, and sentences that were incomplete or 
didn't quite make sense. I found enough issues that I concluded that it 
was unlikely that anyone else had actually been looking at the JCA 
specification either. And further, if these editorial issues exist, I'm 
sure that there are some substantive issues that I could stop to 
contemplate - if only I were more familiar with JCA. Looking to spend my 
time effectively, I didn't want to poke around if nobody else was 
bothering. That, of course, led to my previous email.

I can, of course, go off and file the issues I did discover - but 
collectively that could be a waste of time to file editorial issues, if 
more substantive issues will replace the text anyway - and it is 
certainly a distraction from other areas of SCA that I would prefer to 
focus on - especially if we're not going to talk about JCA any time 
soon. Thus, circling back to my original question, are we going to talk 
about JCA at the F2F? Are others looking at the JCA binding with an eye 
toward filing substantive issues with the spec? Were there absolutely 
*no* deferred issues from the OSOA discussions that perhaps should be 
raised again?

> Unless I am totally mistaken there is not much to discuss for JCA  and
> the answer is pretty obvious - these are not supported, JCA at least to
> me is about transactions, security, lifecycle management  of resource
> adapter and services expected from the app server, but definitely not
> about  how an EIS code could form complex conversational patterns over
> ManagedConnections / ActivationEndpoints.
> Best Regards
> Peter
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> From: Eric Johnson [mailto:eric@tibco.com] 
> Sent: Thursday, 14. February 2008 00:30
> To: OASIS Bindings
> Subject: [sca-bindings] Looking forward to the face-to-face in
> Burlington
> I'm thinking forward to our face-to-face, and wondering whether the JCA 
> binding will be on the agenda.
> If it is, I would like to know somewhat in advance, as I will need to 
> learn more about JCA and confer with my colleagues so that I come 
> appropriate prepared.
> Perhaps a brief discussion of the agenda for the face-to-face makes 
> sense as part of our next meeting tomorrow?
> Thoughts?
> -Eric.
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