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sca-bindings message

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Subject: NEW ISSUE: Data Binding and Operation Selection


RAISER: Michael Rowley


TARGET: Possibly every binding specification




We need a way to identify how the business data is translated into the wire representation of each of the binding types. We also need to have a way to identify how incoming data is inspected and the operation that is desired is deduced from the incoming request.


PROPOSAL: (partial)


Introduce dataBinding subelement (of what is open). Have dataBinding subelement of JMS binding, intended to hold configuration about how data binding is done. The dataBinding element has no attributes or subelements, only wildcards.

1) How many other bindings should have this (or should they all)?

2) Should they be customized through substitution groups (e.g. dataBinding.foo)?

3) What standardized dataBindings should exist beyond the one listed currently in the JMS spec?


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