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Subject: Upcoming SCA Bindings and Java face-to-face meeting - logistics

To all SCA Java & SCA Bindings folks,

It may seem a little early to start planning, but alas, the face-to-face 
is less than a month away!

To coordinate, could you let me know if you're attending in person?  I 
want to make sure we get a conference room of sufficient size (you may 
also want to let the chair(s) of the relevant TCs know).  If you are 
attending in person, can you also take a moment to answer the remaining 
questions?  Would you be so kind as to send your responses to both me 
(eric@tibco.com) and Pradeep (psimha@tibco.com)?

Are you attending just the Java TC, just the Bindings TC, or both?

Do you have any dietary restrictions?

As to dinner plans, I'm assuming that we'll need restaurant reservations 
from Tuesday through Friday night.  Can you please let me know which 
nights you think you'll be joining the group for dinner?  I want to 
start looking for places for reservations.

If you've done this kind of dinner out before in the vicinity of Palo 
Alto, can you also let me know if you have any suggestions or favorite 


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