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Subject: Re: [sca-bindings] Disposition of Eric's binding spec review comments

From today's call, I had two items to research further, and get back to the group.

Simon Holdsworth wrote:
OF467969AF.2C239968-ON80257466.0056D6D0-8025746D.00465B95@uk.ibm.com" type="cite">For the binding.ws specification (wd-02):

p. 8, line 110 - Shouldn't the @uri attribute take precedence if it exists?
(In wd-03, this is still the same line #).

Question #1 from the conf. call - did we have an issue we have resolved related to this?  Answer - not that I can find.

Question #2 from the conf. call - what precisely did I mean here?

I have recalled what I meant, and reviewing the context, I've discovered that what I meant was simply incorrect.  I withdraw the point.
OF467969AF.2C239968-ON80257466.0056D6D0-8025746D.00465B95@uk.ibm.com" type="cite">
p. 6, line 55 - should include a table showing implied prefix to namespace mappings.
-> Not entirely sure what is being asked for here, but not covered by existing issues.
Since I'm here, Simon asked for examples:
W3C: http://www.w3.org/TR/2007/REC-wsdl20-20070626/#nsprefixes
OASIS: See section 1.2 of http://docs.oasis-open.org/security/saml/v2.0/saml-bindings-2.0-os.pdf
OF467969AF.2C239968-ON80257466.0056D6D0-8025746D.00465B95@uk.ibm.com" type="cite"> p. 10, line 169 - As far as JCA specs specifies the activation spec, it does not specifies the connnection factory but the destination. So the line "MUST NOT ..." does not apply here.
-> Requires further discussion.
In WD-02, the MUST NOT appears on line 171.  In WD-03, this has moved to line 180.

Hmmm.  A little puzzle.  I cannot figure out what I originally meant here.

If I'm not mistaken, though, use of an activationSpec should preclude the use of both a connectionFactory and a destination element, but the text doesn't read that way, so that would seem to be the error, and could possibly be tangentially related to what I was trying to express here.  However, I do not understand JCA all that well, so it would be good if someone who does looks at this.

It is also worth noting that the XML Schema in appendix A does not capture this mutual exclusion - if activationSpec, !connectionFactory, and vice-versa - use of a choice element would be appropriate here, I think.

If someone else confirms my limited understanding of JCA, I'll happily file an issue and a proposed resolution.


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