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Subject: December 2008 F2F logistics

Dates: 2-3-4 December

Oracle, 1211 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 800, Portland, OR 97204
This is in downtown.

Closest airport: PDX (http://pdx.com/)

There are plenty of hotels within walking distance from the location. 
Use your favorite website to search for one. The closest hotel is Hilton 
The Oracle negotiated rate is 132 USD/night. I *think* you can get that 
rate if you ask for the Oracle rate.

Getting to Oracle from PDX:
Distance is about 15 miles, you can either rent a car at the airport 

or take the public transport 

Keep in mind that most downtown hotels will charge you for parking. 
Trimet (http://trimet.org) Red Line train 
(http://trimet.org/schedules/maxredline.htm) goes from PDX to downtown 
and is quite convenient (costs only $2.30!).

All buses, trains and streetcars within the fareless square 
(http://www.trimet.org/fares/fareless.htm), which includes all of 
downtown Portland are free. So if you want to stay further away from the 
office location and not rent a car, check out the Trimet trip planner 

Wireless internet access, polycom, and projector will be provided. There 
will not be wired internet access.


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