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Subject: Re: [sca-bindings] Re: Restating proposal for issue 11


Comments inline as <mje>...</mje>

Yours,  Mike.

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From: Eric Johnson <eric@tibco.com>
To: OASIS Bindings <sca-bindings@lists.oasis-open.org>
Date: 04/12/2008 02:36
Subject: [sca-bindings] Re: Restating proposal for issue 11

As a result of todays call, here's a revised copy:

One comment - I went looking for the "structural URI" definition in the current assembly cd01-rev3 draft, and didn't find it, so I couldn't actually reference that section.

<mje> The reason for this is that Structural URI is introduced by the resolution of Assembly Issue 16 - and this has not been incorporated into
CD01-Rev3.  It is currently in sca-assembly-1.1-spec-cd01-rev2+Issue16_2.doc section 6.8.

I will work to get the currently resolved issues included into the Assembly specification in a new Rev.

The following comes in two parts - moving the gist of what is the existing section 4.4, which is the original text that turned into (the now deleted) section 4.3 below, and the revision for the rest of section 4.  First, the normative statement about mapping to WSDL:

Section 2.2, paragraph #1 currently reads:
When binding.ws is used on a service or reference with an interface that is not defined by interface.wsdl, then a WSDL portType for the service or reference is derived from the interface by the rules defined for that SCA interface type.

I suggest changing this to:
When binding.ws is used on a service or reference with an interface that is not defined by interface.wsdl, then a WSDL portType for the service or reference is derived from the interface by the rules defined for that SCA interface type.  A conformant SCA runtime MUST raise an error if the interface does not map to a WSDL portType.

<mje>I suggest using the term "An SCA runtime MUST" rather than "A conformant SCA runtime MUST" - the question of conformance should be left to be dealt with elsewhere</mje>

(Observation - this is really another RFC 2119 change to an unrelated section, but given that meaning intended here came from section 4, this is OK by me.)

Random note - in assembly CD01-rev3, the following appear to be in error:

<mje> I don't think that this is an error.  The @name attribute defines the LOCAL part of a QName - and such local parts are always declared as NCName
with the namespace deriving from the @targetNamespace of the enclosing document.
The only reason to have an attribute that is declared as a QName is where the attribute is referring to some XML entity declared elsewhere - in that case
the full QName is needed.

And finally, here's the replacement for section four, including all the edits we discussed today.

4 Transport Binding

The binding.ws element provides numerous ways to specify exactly how messages ought to be transmitted from or to the reference or service. Those ways include references to WSDL binding elements from the @wsdlElement attribute, policy intents, and even vendor extensions within the binding.ws element. However, all of those ways to indicate how messages get carried happen to be optional. This section describes the defaults that MUSTto be used if the specific transport details are not otherwise specified.

4.1 Intents

So as to narrow the range of choices for how messages are carried, the following policy intents affect the transport binding.

4.2 Default Transport Binding Rules
4.2.1 WS-I Basic Profile Alignment
To align to WS-I Basic Profile, the resulting WSDL port mustneeds to be all document-literal, or all rpc-literal binding (R2705).  This means, for any given portType, for all messages referenced by all operations in that portType, either A portType that does not fit one of these two patterns MUST be treated as an error by a conforming implementation. 
<mje>A portType which comes from where??  I think some explanation of what entities are being processed is necessary here - if this is simply the portType from the <interface/> (directly or derived by mapping) then say so.
<mje>There is that "conforming implementation" term again - "SCA runtime" is the agreed term</mje>

The rest of this section assumes the short-hand reference of a "rpc-literal" or "document-literal" pattern, depending on which of the two bullet points above it matches.
4.2.2 Default Transport Binding Rules

In the event that the transport details are not otherwise determined, a conforming implementation MUST enable the following configuration:

4.2.3 SOAP versions

Where no specific version of SOAP has been dictated, an SCA runtime MUST generate bindings for SOAP 1.1.

4.3 WSDL portType

An SCA service has a single interface description. For the Web Services binding, this interface description MUST be converted into a WSDL 1.1 portType.

B. Appendix - WSDL Generation

Due to the number of factors that determine how a WSDL might be generated, including compatibility with existing WSDL uses, precise details cannot be specified. For example, implementation decisions can affect the way WSDL might be generated. For reference, and consistency, this section suggests non-normative choices for some of the various details involved in generating WSDL.  For brevity, the following definitions apply:

With those definitions in place, here are the suggested choices: In the above, "<SOAP Version>" should beis either "SOAP11" or "SOAP12" as appropriate.

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