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Subject: Bindings issues 57, 58, 59, elated to Assembly-96, and section 1.3of assembly cd02

It is perhaps an extreme nit pick to bring this up, but the resolution
of bindings issues 57, 58, & 59 all relate to Assembly-96.

As I was looking through the text of assembly-cd-02, section 1.3, I see
An example of an intent which is an acronym is the "SOAP" intent.

Now, if you look here: http://www.w3.org/TR/soap12-part1/#intro, you'll
see "In previous versions of this specification the SOAP name was an
acronym. This is no longer the case."

All of which makes SOAP a singularly terrible example to use, because
with SOAP 1.1, SOAP is an acronym (at least officially, but probably
never used that way), but with SOAP 1.2, it isn't.

Since my task is to write text for the binding specifications to
*reference* the materials of the assembly specification, and add the
naming convention specific to bindings, the benefit of using a reference
is that I won't be copying the error.  Should this be raised with the
assembly specification?


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