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Subject: Re: [sca-bindings] question on priority of solving issue bindings02

Eric Johnson wrote:
> Hi Tom,
> Tom Rutt wrote:
>> During the call on 4/2 we gave the following priority for resolving 
>> bindings 2
>> *Ashok:* BINDINGS-2 -- Top on nice-to-have pile
>> I am a little confused.  I thought that Anish proposal was for an 
>> optional
>> but normative protocol for use with the wsdl binding.
>> If we do not have at least one normative way to do callbacks, how can 
>> we say the wsdl binding of sca supports bidir interfaces?
> I'm confused by your question.  We don't necessarily have to have any 
> normative ways to do it, so long as we, collectively as a TC, have each 
> convinced ourselves that it is possible to have at least one.

I think this goes beyond just convincing ourselves that it is possible. 
IIRC, we did agree on defining a normative but optional protocol. 
Perhaps we are interpreting the term 'normative' in different ways.

> Is your question really whether:
>    1. It is sufficient to have an SCA runtime work with itself
>    2. Or whether we need interoperability with other possible SCA runtimes
> I think we all agree that #1 is required, but that doesn't need to 
> indicate how it is achieved.

Right, SCA runtime vendors can figure out how to interoperate with 
themselves ;-)
For that we already have binding.sca.

> For #2, it is useful, but probably not sufficient, to have also 
> specified what is going into the resolution for bindings-2.  I say it 
> probably isn't sufficient, only in that SOAP interoperability seems to 
> have all sorts of corner cases.

What is it that is needed beyond the protocol, policy assertion and wsdl 
extension (to indicate the callback contract)?

BTW, I'm not worried about 2 SCA runtimes interoping, but defining 
necessary and sufficient things for a non-SCA client to invoke a SCA 
bidirectional interface. Of course if we solve that problem we would 
have solved the issue of interop between 2 SCA runtimes.


> -Eric.
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