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Subject: Issue 25: updated proposal


1) Made changes that SimonN had pointed out in his email (typos, removal 
of 'optional' etc).
2) Made changes based on Eric's feedback (removed constraining type, 
reduced redundancy by combining multiple stmts.
3) Gave a name to the schema.
4) Modeled the conformance section per the Java CAA spec [1] conformance 
section (as SimonN had pointed out on the call):
a) defined two categories of artifacts for conformance
b) added authoritativeness of schema that is pointed to by the RDDL doc.
c) moved the requirement for <binding.ws>'s conformance to schema to 
section 2
d) changed the requirement on the runtime to not just reject docs 
containing <binding.ws> that do not conform to the schema but also to 
any additional constrains in the spec that are not captured by the schema.

Please do send me comments and I'll try to incorporate them before out 
next call.




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