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Subject: Re: [sca-bindings] Issue 25 inlined proposal v4

Anish Karmarkar wrote:
> Attached.
> I accepted changes from v3, so the change marks shown are only for 
> changes between v3 and v4.
> The 1st change is on lines 116-118, which states what must happen if 
> <endpointReference> is not supported. The wording is slightly different 
> from what I had proposed in the chat. I refer to the SCA WS Binding XML 
> document definition from section 5.1 instead of just saying any document 
> (which is what I had proposed in the chat).
> The 2nd change is on lines 183-188. This states that the SOAP 1.1 intent 
> must be specified either in mayProvides or alwaysProvides and SOAP 1.2 
> intent should be specified in mayProvides.
> Dave, SimonN and I had an impromptu call after the TC call to discuss 
> the 2nd change so as to shorten the turnaround time, as this is a little 
> tricky. Here is the gist/conclusion of that call:
> 1) Section 4.1 makes it very clear that SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2 intents 
> are mutually exclusive. Currently the policy spec does not make it so 
> and Dave is going to raise an issue regarding.
> 2) We can't mandate that SOAP 1.1 be in the alwaysProvides (since that 
> rules out SOAP 1.2 support), but we can't disallow it either (for 
> specialized runtimes).
> 3) SOAP 1.2 can never be in the alwaysProvides (as this would rule out 
> any SOAP 1.1 support).
> 4) The only possible choices (wrt these two intents) are:
> a) alwaysProvides="SOAP.1_1" and mayProvides=""
> b) alwaysProvides="SOAP.1_1" and mayProvides="SOAP.1_2"

Because of the mutual exclusiveness, (b) can't be possible.
So there are only three possible options.


> c) alwaysProvides="" and mayProvides="SOAP.1_1"
> d) alwaysProvides="" and mayProvides="SOAP.1_1 SOAP.1_2"
> 5) mayProvides means that if you specify the intent in the SCDL then you 
> get a biding/policy that implements it without having to provide any 
> other config info. For the SOAP 1.1 intent this is currently always true 
> given that empty <binding.ws> element (with no other intent) 
> automatically gives you SOAP 1.1 without providing any specific config 
> info. IOW, not having SOAP 1.1 intent in either mayProvides or 
> alwaysProvides doesn't make a lot of sense.
> 6) Having SOAP.1_2 in the mayProvides serves a useful purpose, it allows 
> someone to not worry about SOAP 1.2 config info and just use the 
> <binding.ws> in conjunction with the 1.2 intent and be done.
> Comments?
> -Anish
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