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Subject: Bindings TC call - 06/04 - Raw Minutes


Piotr Przybylski - scribe
May 28 minutes approval
No comments on the meeting minutes, no objections to approve minutes - approved
Action Items
Action 20090311-2 is completed
Action 20090312-1 is completed (Anish)
Action 20090528-1 pending
Action 20090528-2 pending
New issues
one new issue on the mailing list, two new entries in jira 74 and 75
Simon Holdsworth: New issue: http://www.osoa.org/jira/browse/BINDINGS-74
Issue 74 proposal - use wording from WS Binding in JMS
David Booz moves to open both 74 and 75
Bryan Aupperle seconds
No objections or discussion, both issues opened, issues accepted
Scheduling for 74 and 75 - priority 1, to be included before public review
Jira descriptions already have appropriate text modified for JMS and JCA
No comments on the agenda
Latest URL issue in CD02
anish hitting my head against OASIS silly policies about redirect
few options - 1. stay with CD01 urls, 2. revert from CD02 to previous version, 3. Request change from OASIS
Simon Nash - option 3 preferred
Anish - option 3 will cause delays
Eric - we should push back - #3, in the mean time try one of the other options
anish: there is even a status code for this, 302 (I think) which says moved permanently
option 4 - we leave CD01 as is, and then publish new CD01 with the new names
Anish - moves to pursue option 2, and try to change redirection policy and change URL for subsequent versions
Ashok seconds
Simon H. - do we need to apply it to CD02 ?
save some work by not publishing CD02
Pursue option 2, by renaming next revision and skipping CD02 publication
Simon N. volunteers to push back
No objections, motion is passed
New Action for Editors to publish new revisions with new names
New Action for Simon N. to pursue option 3
From other TCs, vote on the revision as CD03, it would become public review draft
TC needs to look at documents to identify editorial issues
Simon N. inconsistency with WS and other documents in cross references for conformance statements
In JCA and JMS we need to first resolve newly raised issues
In other specs, text is in the appendix and referenced from the text
Simon N. - conformance statements will be used separately, so Appendix is better place to identify that text can stand on its own
context still can be found in the text
Mike E. its different for the end user
Simon N. motion to modify WS spec to match assembly and JMS
Mike E. seconds
Comment - for PDF viewer Assembly and WS would appear similar
difference in direction, from spec to appendix (WS) and appendix text to main document
no more discussion on the motion
Mike Edwards: I'm prepared to help make the necessary changes
vote: yes - 8, abstain -1, no -1
motion passed
Action on editors to make appropriate changes
List of applied issues in the CD
to help with the review
Action for Editors - produce diffs and list of resolved issues
Query around components (Anish,Eric)
Components are not being assigned to issues, 6 components, 3 for bindings and 3 for public drafts
Eric - reduce number of components to 3 and introduce versions
If we use versions, it may be difficult to construct query, versions are now used but not consistently
Proposed solution for 74 and 75
Other specs don't number conformance statements
Two updates needed, Simon H. will provide update by next meeting


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