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Subject: CD02-rev3 uploaded

Located at:

Diff between cd02-rev2/cd02-rev3 is:

Diff between cd02 and cd02-rev3 is:

CD02-rev3 (doc) was created by accepting all the changes from CD02-rev2.
Then changes were made per Simon/my emails + a few very minor ed. fixups.

CD03-rev3 (if accepted) will close issues:
23, 25, 43, 54, 55, 57, 61, 64

Note that issue 57 is not listed in the Appendix F: Revision History but 
is in fact folded in. Also note that issue 72 can be closed in JIRA as 
it does not require any change to the binding.ws spec (the change is in 
the policy spec).

TODOs: include names of contributors + include 57 in the list of issues 

I'll be using cd02-rev3 as the basis for including the proposal from 
MikeE with fixes for missing conformance item tags.


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