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Subject: Bindings TC work items


Given that we've made good progress on resolving issues from the PR/initial TA documents, I thought I would summarise the work that remains for the TC. Looking at what remains to be done for the binding spec docs and TA docs, I would like to aim for the following:

25th February: Resolve/close out existing issues (87, 111, 118)
4th March: Initial discussion on test case documents and test cases; bindings specs updated and ready for review for cd04;  
11th March: cd04 vote on bindings specs; continue discussion on test cases; TA documents updated and ready for review for cd01;  
18th March: cd01 vote on TA documents; Initial test case documents and test cases prepared for discussion/review
25th March: Submit cd04 of bindings specs for second public review; submit cd01 of TA documents for public review

I'm happy to update the JMS and JCA binding specs and TA documents on this schedule.  Anish are you able to do the same for the WS binding and TA documents?
If someone could volunteer to take the TC through the testcase document and code structure on 4th March that would be appreciated.
Also, we will need to start working on the test case document and test cases some time in the next few weeks.  Are there any volunteers to work on this?

Here's the current set of work items:

Issues to be resolved:

http://www.osoa.org/jira/browse/BINDINGS-87: "Web Service callback standard is best done by the appropriate Web Services working groups"
Main topic for discussion on next week's call (25th February)

http://www.osoa.org/jira/browse/BINDINGS-111: "binding.jms uses JMS URI scheme even though it is not a valid IETF internet draft"
Pending Oracle/JMS URI working group's action on IETF JMS URI specification.  We need to decide how this affects our ability to publish cd04 if there is no change in the status of the IETF document.

http://www.osoa.org/jira/browse/BINDINGS-118: "BWS40005 is ambiguous"
Not yet opened, we need to decide whether to reject or open this.

Applying resolved issues/editorial action items:

all specs:

20091015-3 [Editors] Re: BINDINGS-99 point #1 - review and determine appropriate update to copyright dates (all specs)
20091015-8 [Editors] Re: BINDINGS-99 point #8 - look at whether the non-normative references section is relevant still, or needs to be populated (all specs)
20091015-9 [Editors] Re: BINDINGS-99 point #9 - clean up naming conventions section (all specs)
20091015-10 [Editors] Re: BINDINGS-99 point #10 - look for cleanup to clarify optionality (all specs)
20091015-12 [Editors] Re: BINDINGS-99 point #16 - mark Annexes as normative or not as appropriate (all specs)



20100218-2 [Editors] Make corresponding changes in WS spec as per http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-bindings/200912/msg00013.html

Make corresponding updates to the binding.ws TA document



20091015-4 [Editors] Re: BINDINGS-99 point #2 - clarify the text describing the JCA binding (JCA only)
20091015-5 [Editors] Re: BINDINGS-99 point #3 - revise text to reword or remove as appropriate (JCA only)
20091015-7 [Editors] Re: BINDINGS-99 point #6 - clean up the text with regards to this item (JCA only)
20091015-11 [Editors] Re: BINDINGS-99 point #11 - do something to clarify the different uses for the @uri attribute (JCA only)

Final clean up of the binding.jca TA document required


20100218-1 [Editors] Make corresponding changes in JMS spec as per http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-bindings/200912/msg00013.html
20100218-3 [Editors] Make corresponding changes in JMS spec as per http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-bindings/201002/msg00033.html

Final clean up of the binding.jms TA document required

Regards, Simon

Simon Holdsworth
STSM, SCA Bindings Architect; Master Inventor; OASIS SCA Bindings TC Chair, AT&T and Boeing Lab Advocate
MP 211, IBM UK Labs, Hursley Park, Winchester SO21 2JN, UK
Tel +44-1962-815059 (Internal 245059) Fax +44-1962-816898
Internet - Simon_Holdsworth@uk.ibm.com

Unless stated otherwise above:
IBM United Kingdom Limited - Registered in England and Wales with number 741598.
Registered office: PO Box 41, North Harbour, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO6 3AU

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