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Subject: JCA binding spec updated


The latest version of the JCA binding spec document:


has all changes from all resolved issues and editorial action items.  In making the editorial changes I noticed several places where there is behaviour defined in descriptive text with no associated normative statements, so I have opened issues for the four sets of missing statements that I identified.  Hence I don't think this version is ready for review for cd04 until we've resolved those issues.

In terms of the editorial action items, I made the following changes:

20091015-3: no change to copyright (currently consistent with all other SCA specs)

20091015-4: clarified the text describing the JCA binding
20091015-5: removed “further specification” text
20091015-7: duplication in abstract and introduction: no changes made
20091015-8: removed non-normative references section
20091015-9: cleaned up naming conventions section, by making the introductory sentence more directive, and making the reference to the assembly rules the first bullet in the list.
20091015-10: cleaned up some phrases that used “allows”

20091015-11: clarified uses of the @uri attribute
20091015-12: (mark annexes as normative or non-normative) no changes made (currently consistent with all other SCA specs)

I also fixed the documentation of connectionSpec, interactionSpec and inboundOperation elements to include explicit bullets for the elements’ children

I apologise again that the PDF version has almost all of the normative statements marked as changed - I've not changed any normative statement text, and also can't comprehend how a few of them don't show as changed while the rest do.

Simon Holdsworth

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