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sca-bindings message

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Subject: ws binding cd03-rev2 uploaded

DOC -- 

PDF -- 

This rev contains the following changes:

1) 20091015-9 [Editors] Re: BINDINGS-99 point #9 - clean up naming 
conventions section (all specs)

This AI can be closed.

2) 20091015-10 [Editors] Re: BINDINGS-99 point #10 - look for cleanup to 
clarify optionality (all specs)

This AI can be closed

3) 20091015-12 [Editors] Re: BINDINGS-99 point #16 - mark Annexes as 
normative or not as appropriate (all specs)

This AI can be closed

4) 20100218-2 [Editors] Make corresponding changes in WS spec as per 

This AI can be closed

5) Resolution for issues 84, 86, 91, 92, 116, 117, 118, and 119.

I have updated JIRA to reflect this.

I noticed the following (this requires JIRA update from the issues 
editor; I have made a comment regd this in JIRA):
1) Issue 112 is a dup of 91
2) Issue 114 is a dup of 92
3) Issue 115 is a dup of 92

The following AIs can be closed as it not require any changes in cd03-rev2:

1) 20091015-3 [Editors] Re: BINDINGS-99 point #1 - review and determine 
appropriate update to copyright dates (all specs)

No change, was already updated to 2010

2) 20091015-8 [Editors] Re: BINDINGS-99 point #8 - look at whether the 
non-normative references section is relevant still, or needs to be 
populated (all specs)

This didn't apply to WS binding spec. It already had that section populated.



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