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Subject: Raw chat log from bindings TC call of 2011-01-27

Simon Holdsworth: Audio conference *UPDATED 10th Jan 2011*

Participant Code: 7059536

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Ireland Toll-Free 1-800-943-427
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Bulgaria Toll-Free 00800-117-4514

Other access codes can be found at:
Simon Holdsworth: Agenda 1. Opening


Scribe assignment

Top of the scribe list:

Plamen Pavlov SAP AG
Laurent Domenech TIBCO Software Inc.
Anish Karmarkar Oracle Corporation
Ant Elder IBM
Ashok Malhotra Oracle Corporation
Eric Johnson TIBCO Software Inc.
Bryan Aupperle IBM
David Booz IBM
Martin Chapman Oracle Corporation
Tom Rutt Fujitsu Limited

Agenda bashing

2. Approval of the minutes from 13 January:


3. Actions

20110113-1 [Mike Edwards] Investigate Fabric 3 implementation of JMS binding.
20110113-2 [Eric Johnson] Determine potential for commitment from TIBCO on working on HTTP binding

4. New Issues

No new issues

5. Links from test case documents to test artefacts

As originally noted by Bryan Aupperle and discussed in this email chain:


The WS and JMS test case documents do not currently include any link to the test case artefacts.

5. CD/PR status

JMS Binding Test assertions/test cases PR complete, no comments received.

JMS Binding spec 15-day PR started, will complete on 10th February.

6. TC Status, future plans

Continue discussion from last call.
In order to progress any further in this TC, the following work items need to be completed:

o Identify second JMS binding implementation
o Identify potential JCA binding implementations
(may be possible to include one in Tuscany)
o Author JCA binding test suite
o Identify potential HTTP binding implementations
(possibly Tuscany HTTP binding could be adapted to conform)
o Author HTTP binding specification based on existing draft and use cases
o Author HTTP binding test suite

In the absence of volunteers for these work items, there is no remaining current work for the TC. This means calls will be scheduled as requested by TC members or as required by dependent work from other TCs.

7. AOB
anonymous morphed into anish
Eric Johnson: Scribe: Eric
Eric Johnson: Simon: Quorate with 55%
Eric Johnson: Topic: Approval of the minutes...
Eric Johnson: Simon: Only just posted, so going to defer voting on that until the next meeting.
Eric Johnson: Simon: Comments on the agenda?
Mike Edwards: greetings
Eric Johnson: ... going with agenda as posted.
Eric Johnson: ... skipping approval of the minutes.
anonymous morphed into ant
Eric Johnson: Topic: Action items
Eric Johnson: Mike: Not heard back from Jim.
Eric Johnson: Eric: Action item 20110113-2 complete
Eric Johnson: ... short answer "not yet", will talk more later in the agenda.
Eric Johnson: Topic: Links from test case docs.
Eric Johnson: Bryan: Background - when we published the test case document for bindings ws & jms - nowhere in the doc do we include the link to the test artifacts.
Eric Johnson: ... tc process says we're supposed to.
Eric Johnson: ... other TCs have included these links in the front matter of related works.
Eric Johnson: ... unclear whether, because it is a front matter change, whether it requires a new CSD & public review.
Eric Johnson: ... Robin Cover has come back to say it has been done by way of links in front matter before.
Eric Johnson: ... Open question - does that require another CSD & public review.
Eric Johnson: Anish: Have not heard back yet.
Eric Johnson: Simon: I know that TC admin modifies the front material....  Could TC admin just correct this?
Eric Johnson: Bryan: Didn't simply raise an issue, precisely because this is unclear.
Eric Johnson: Simon: Action item for Bryan or Anish?
anish: +1 to include the link
Eric Johnson: ACTION ITEM: Anish to resolve the question on whether these needed changes to the front matter will require a new draft.
Eric Johnson: Simon: We're not aware of any other missing links like this....
Eric Johnson: Topic: PR status
Eric Johnson: Simon: as of last meeting public review was stalled.  Review has now started.
Eric Johnson: Simon: So far we have no comments or issues on the documents to resolve.
Eric Johnson: Topic: TC Status & future plans
Eric Johnson: Anish: Quick question - in the list of things you have - I don't see identifying a second implementation of binding.ws.  Has that been identified?
Eric Johnson: Simon: I cannot categorically say yes.  Fabric 3 has an implementation - but don't know how compliant it is.
Eric Johnson: Anish: So that's the candidate?
Eric Johnson: Simon: yes.
Eric Johnson: Mike: You said web service bindings?  Certainly Fabric 3 has one.
Eric Johnson: Simon: Anish wanted to know because it wasn't listed in the agenda.
Eric Johnson: ... don't have any current action items about JCA.  We have no implementations of it. Unless we can identify or get commitment, progressing further is pointless.
Eric Johnson: ... consequently don't see an urgent need to work on JCA test assertions & test suite.
Eric Johnson: ... there is a Tuscany HTTP binding.
anish i've to leave for another call @ 9:30am PT
Eric Johnson: Eric: Good news is we're interested at TIBCO, but the bad news is we don't anticipate having enough specific requirements that we can usefully contribute, at least not sooner than about three months.
Eric Johnson: Simon: Anyone else with comments?
Eric Johnson: ... Work remaining: identify 2nd JMS impl.  Fix the linking problem, react to changes for 1.2 for eventing.  Not expecting to produce additional specs.
Eric Johnson: ... is that a fair summary?
Eric Johnson: Mike: Sounds reasonable?
Eric Johnson: (oops - no question mark on the end of Mike's comment!) s/\?/\./
Eric Johnson: Simon: Will keep meeting for next week, but likely after that we'll go for a monthly call unless there's specific actions....
Eric Johnson: ... anyone else for the roll?
Eric Johnson: (Meeting ended)

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