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Subject: Comments in the WS binding TA documnt

I took an action to go through the comments in the WS binding TA doc to 
see if they could be deleted. Here is a report on that:

BWS-TA-20004 BWS-TA-20010 BWS-TA-20014 BWS-TA-20026 BWS-TA-40005 comment 
addressed (wording fixed); comments can be deleted.

BWS-TA-20006 BWS-TA-20007 BWS-TA-20009 BWS-TA-20011 BWS-TA-20013 had 
comments for TC creators; comments can be deleted

BWS-TA-20015 contains a comment for the TC creators and another one for 
exception cases. This is fixed. Comment can be deleted.

BWS-TA-20017 contains a comment that has been addressed and another one 
that isn't quite right. Comment can be deleted.

BWS-TA-20028 BWS-TA-20033 BWS-TA-20034 BWS-TA-40004 have empty comment 
rows; comments can be deleted.

BWS-TA-50009 BWS-TA-50010: these comments have not been discussed.


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