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Subject: Comments on WS bindings issues 1, 3, 4


Some comments on the recent bindings issues:


TEST_BWS_2002.composite specifies both @target and binding

The latest version of the file can be seen at:


This test is actually to check if the <binding> element's @wsdlElement attribute points to a valid WSDL element.

Assembly spec (csprd04.pdf line 392) states " If the @target attribute is set, the reference cannot also have binding subelements."

Given that, the test requires a <binding> element, and therefore the reference should not have a @target attribute.
This change would not affect the outcome of the test, but could change the reason for an implementation passing this test.

Therefore I agree that we should make the proposed change.


Typo in BWS_2011 <soap:address location="&amp;ws_addr_2010;"></soap:address>

The latest version of the file can be seen at:


This test validates the WSDL binding referred to from a <binding> element's @wsdlElement attribute. As such the endpoint address in the WSDL port element is not relevant to the test and could have any syntactically valid value.  The value present has the same syntax that is used for replaceable endpoint URLs, and by convention that ought to be &amp;ws_add_2011; to match the test case, however that variable is not needed or set for this testcase, so technically this is not an error, but it does look odd.

The simple answer is to change the text to "2011" but this change should not affect the outcome of any execution of the testcase.


Typo in BWS_2018 composite

The latest version of the file can be seen at:


The "TestClient" component is defined with a property:
<property name="testName">ASM_2018</property>

This is clearly incorrect as the test is BWS_2018.  However this test is a negative test with invalid SCDL syntax, which means that error is caught before the test client is executed, so the test name attribute (and indeed the test client component) are irrelevant to the test.  Changing this should not affect the outcome of any execution of this test case, but this ought to be fixed if we have the opportunity.

Regards, Simon

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