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Subject: New working draft of WS Binding Spec with hyperlinks


In order to address an issue with navigation in the HTML version current WS binding specification I have created a new working draft using hyperlinks instead of cross-references for entries in the "Normative References" and "Non-normative References" sections.
I have also changed a small number of references to sections and appendices to use hyperlinks.
I have not changed the cross-references used for normative statements and their numbers.  These remain as non-navigable text in the HTML version, but can be navigated in the PDF and Word versions.  This is not too big an issue as the navigation is just between the text and the appendix.
I also did not update the "Snippet A.B" cross-references as these tend to appear very close to the text they refer to and the reference is there to make sure the numbering is correct.

Given these changes we need to decide whether to base the CS ballot on this working draft, with an assertion by the TC that there are no material changes, or to proceed with the CS ballot based on the original CSPRD03 version as originally moved.  My preference would be to use this updated version of the document as the navigation in HTML is significantly improved.

Here are the links to the updated document and diffs in PDF and Word format:


The changes I made in the working draft should all be non-material changes:

Here's the detailed explanation of the changes you see in the diff document:

Throughout the document: you'll see "Formatted: English (U.S.).  For some reason the document had scattered through it sections which were marked as being in other languages - Swedish, French, Netherlands amongst others.  I have no idea how that happened.  While making the other changes the diff shows language changes, so in this draft I marked the entire document and set the language to English (U.S.) so there are many places where this change is identified in the diff.

Page 2: change SCA-Assembly reference to hyperlink.  Here as in the rest of the document the diff shows both the hyperlink and the cross-reference; I don't understand why the cross-reference does not show as having been deleted, but it has.

Page 6 onwards: as with SCA-Assembly you'll see every cross reference of the form [....] appear both as a hyperlink and (deleted) cross-reference.  You can see that the new hyperlink has the same text as the original cross-reference

Page 6: wsoap namespace prefix - I have no idea why Word thinks that "Defined by " was added and removed.  The text has not changed.

Page 9: line 134: Added a hyperlink to Section 2.2

Page 10: line 204: Added a hyperlink to Section 2.2

Page 12: line 268: Added a hyperlink to Section 4

Page 12: line 272: Here I added a hyperlink to Appendix A.

Page 12: line 278: This paragraph was not formatted the same as all the others in the document, so I fixed it.

Page 18: line 482: I don't know why this statement is marked with "Field Code Changed".  I replaced the reference to pick up the change to the embedded link, however the text appears the same as before and navigation is correct. I've tried every view option to see why the reference thinks the code has changed but cannot see a difference.

Page 19: line 520: Here I replaced the cross-reference to Appendix E by a hyperlink.

Page 22: line 633 and onwards: Here I added a hyperlink to Appendix C.

Page 22: line 652 added a hyperlink to Section 5

Regards, Simon

Simon Holdsworth

Unless stated otherwise above:
IBM United Kingdom Limited - Registered in England and Wales with number 741598.
Registered office: PO Box 41, North Harbour, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO6 3AU

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