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Subject: Re: [sca-bindings] Re: Groups - Ballot closed: "Approve SCA Web Service Binding Specification v1.1 as a Committee Specification"

Hi Simon,

Was traveling for the three prior weeks and didn't get a chance to respond. Our 'no' vote was cast with a lot of thought and internal debate. Here is the explanation of our vote:

After spending a long time working on the SCA specs, it is with regret that we are casting a 'no' vote on the SCA WS binding spec. This specification is up for approval as a CS almost six years after the TC was chartered. Meanwhile, in spite of the promise of SCA, the uptake of SCA by the industry has fallen well short of expectations. Mostly because of the large delay in producing the final standards and lack of timely implementations that met the exit criteria set up by the TC. The industry and technology has since then moved on to different things. We see this standard as arriving too late and don't see a lot of point in creating one. All the CSD that are published should be available publicly forever and we believe that to be sufficient.



On 6/4/13 3:29 AM, Simon Holdsworth wrote:

As attached, the Committee Specification ballot has closed.  The results
were 7 in favour, 3 against.  Due to the super majority rules, the
ballot has failed given more than 25% voted against it.

I'd like to invite the voters against to respond with any reasons for
their choice, to help the TC understand how we could proceed with the
move to Committee Specification status that the majority of the voting
members desire, given that no issues have been raised with the
specification document itself.

Thanks, Simon

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