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Subject: Raw minutes for 27 June

us morphed into Emeric Kwemou
Emeric Kwemou morphed into Emeric Kwemou @ Siemens
good day
Simon Holdsworth: Participant Code: 7059536

Scribe: Mike Edwards
Item 1 Agenda Bashing
No changes
Item 2 Minutes from Previous Meeting
Minutes from 23 May are approved
Item 3 Actions
20130321-1: Mike Edwards to investigate and fix the artifact that is in error here Test Module: BWS_200x
No progress
Item 4 Issues
No open issues
3 resolved issues to be applied
Item 5 Committee Specification progress
CS ballot results
Anish discusses the background to his email
Jim responds, taking a dim view of voting against progression on non-technical grounds
Emeric expresses concern from Siemens perspective, based on their work on an SCA implementation
Eric is concerned about Oracle's actions, as stated in his email - no technical reasons given
Jeff argues that implementations must support all of SCA to claim conformance
Martin - isn't the vote that we took binding?
Eric: For the committee to revisit a decision, it would require a supermajority vote
Anish - question was asked whether the specs should proceed - we made our decision
<further debate on the issues raised by the vote and the emails>
Simon: One other thing that we might do if we are not going to CS is to vote the most recent version of the document as a CSD in order to clean up loose ends
Jim: One concern I have is the nebulous IP state of the current CSDs
Jeff: Anyone can vote using any criteria they choose, including non-technical
Anish: The technical world has moved on to REST and WS-* is no longer relevant
Martin: I doubt there are an IP disclosures which apply to these specs
Next Meeting 11 July


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