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Subject: NEW ISSUE: Title: The algorithm for deciding whether a partnerLinkis a service or a reference needs to be deterministic

TARGET: SCA C+I WS-BPEL spec, General

DESCRIPTION: Section 2.1 currently states "If a static analysis of the 
process determines that it is possible that the first message for a 
partner link will be received in a <receive> activity, the <onMessage> 
element of a <pick> activity or the <onEvent> element of an event 
handler then the partner link has a corresponding SCA service in the 
component type." 

I have concerns that this will leave cases where one vendor can make 
such determination, where another vendor, with a less sophisticated 
static analysis can not.  This will leave the algorithm 
implementation-dependent.  The goal of the algorithm is to produce a 
component type from a BPEL file in a deterministic way, with no external 


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