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Subject: Raw minutes of 2007-11-01 concall

Room information was updated by: anish


Meeting ID: 877770
Meeting password: SCABPEL (7222735)

Sanjay: Anish, I have to step out and I will be on the road for the next 
30 mins. Just fyi.

anish: k

jacques: scribe: jacques


jacques: Anish: did update to agenda


jacques: topic: agenda item 4

jacques: anish:  no formatted minute yet, asked Bob for processor

jacques: sanjay: Bob should do it end of this week, not yet

jacques: anish: we have raw minutes, should be able to approve that

jacques: jeff: move we approved

jacques: mike R: seconded

jacques: sanjay: technically we can't upload them before formatted

jacques: action: motion passed unanimously (raw format)

jacques: topic: AI #0010 Mike Edwards

jacques: anish:  about informing other TCs thats a change in process

jacques: anish:  few weeks ago, made changes in possible status - 
resolved to apply in normal case

jacques: s/apply/applied

jacques: anish:  still pending AI

jacques: topic: AI #0011 Najeeb Andrabi

jacques: anish:  closed

jacques: topic: Nominate representative to the Inter-SCA Liaison Committee

jacques: sanjay: did send an email on this (subject line on Policy) sent 
to member section public list

jacques: topic: New issues

jacques: topic:  http://www.osoa.org/jira/browse/BPEL-13

jacques: anish: (email : issue 2) proposed suggestion as in email.

jacques: anish: do we approve this new issue?

jacques: Mike E: motion to approve issue 13

jacques: Mike R: second

jacques: Action: accepted

jacques: topic:  http://www.osoa.org/jira/browse/BPEL-14

jacques: anish: thought it requires an issue on its own - should be able 
to do that in BPEL process

jacques: Mike E: if you wish you can annotate BPEL process, in Java, 
added an issue for this

jacques: Mike E: this issue here is about same thing.

jacques: anish: we can alway s close with no action later

jacques: Mike E: I move to accept issue

jacques: Jeff: seconded

jacques: action: issue accepted

jacques: topic:  http://www.osoa.org/jira/browse/BPEL-5

jacques: Danny: have not been up to date on this to discuss it yet

jacques: anish: we need to discuss this on this call - important

anish: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-bpel/200710/msg00022.html

jacques: Mike R: proposed to close with no action

jacques: ... a spec making normative statement is confusing: forward ref 
on static analysis of context

jacques: s/of context/of process

jacques: anish: need editorial tweaks, otherwise there is agreement - to 
be fixed by email (Danny?)

jacques: danny: will have time to help on this

jacques: mike R: not sure what can be done - need to clarify

jacques: danny: can take this action item

anish: ACTION: danny to come back with a rewording proposal for issue-5

jacques: topic: http://www.osoa.org/jira/browse/BPEL-11

jacques: anish: no email discussion on this

jacques: issue about BPEL variable initialisation. Precedence issue.

jacques: ... similar issue in Java

anish: DESCRIPTION: Is the target variable allowed to have an initialization
defined within the BPEL process and if so, is this initialization ignored?
It seems like the initialization should be allowed but not executed in the
case where a process is packaged as an SCA and the property is provided by
the component. It's probably also worth pointing out that the variable must
be an element or type variable. Message variables cannot be initialized by
an SCA property.

jacques: mike R: cannot use kword MUST in this case -

jacques: anish: sufficient to say "this MUST NOT happen" (error 
generation is not mandated)

jacques: Sanjay: all depends if it make sense to initialise mesg properties

jacques: mike R: issue is about allowing people to generate error

anish i'm watching the Q, but letting some back-and-forth before going 
down the Q

jacques: mike P: agree with Mike R.

jacques: alex: Agree to use term MUST in this case

jacques: najeeb: an issue only for the inbound. If outbound, can 
initialise at SCA level.

jacques: najeeb: out variable, if SCA property then we have a valid case

jacques: mike R: inching to consensus on this point: shouldnot be 
allowed for message vars

jacques: mike R: second point more tricky - deafult values

anish: ACTION: MikeP to propose a sentence for resolving the 2nd part of 
issue 11

jacques: ... point is: component type knows it has default value - 
rather not trying to define override. If SCArop = yes, initialisation 
defines default value

Michael Rowley: If a variable with scaroperty="yes" had an 
initialization expression, than that expression is treated as the 
default value of the SCA property.

anish: s/had/has/

Danny van der Rijn: s/than/then

jacques: anish: question: if default val does not show up in component 
type, what teh pint?

jacques: mike R: still useful: does not need to be set

jacques: s/teh pint/the point

anish getting close to 9

jacques: mike R: may need introduce concept optional property , not 
default value - affect assembly spec

jacques: anish:  asign an action to someone

anish: it is not a fixed value

anish: that can be used in the componentType

Mike Pellegrini1: A BPEL variable which is marked with an sca 
roperty="yes" must be either an XML Schema Type or an XML Schema Element 
type variable. This is directly related to the assembly spec which 
states a property is one of type or element.

jacques: anish: mike R will sent response to issue 11

anish: ACTION: MikeR to follow up on the 1st part of issue 11 on email

anish thanks Jacques for taking minutes

jacques: action: motion to adjourn from Anish

anish: //me jacques, can u send the raw log of this chat to the ML?

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