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Subject: NEW ISSUE: Define Conformance Targets

TARGET: SCA BPEL C+I Specification 

DESCRIPTION: In order to write a normative statement or conformance clause using RFC2119 language, the target or subject of the rule
needs to be included. Some of these are obvious, as we have rules governing components, composites, services, references etc. Other
targets are less so, especially when it comes to conformance, as we need to identify artefacts that vendors can claim they handle
according to the rules of the spec. We should enumerate a list of conformance targets early on, so that every time we use a MUST,
MAY, or SHOULD, we know to what the rule applies to.


Martin Chapman                                 
Consulting Member of Technical Staff           
P: +353 87 687 6654                           
e: martin.chapman@oracle.com                   

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