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Subject: Issue 20 proposal

I took an action last time to propose an amendment to Danny proposal in JIRA. Here it is:

It is possible to use WS-BPEL processes in conjunction with SCA, while the processes have no knowledge of SCA. A few SCA concepts are only available to WS-BPEL processors that support SCA specific extensions. The capabilities that require knowledge of SCA are provided by an SCA extension, whose namespace is "http://docs.oasis-open.org/ns/opencsa/sca-bpel/200801".
Whether this extension is mandatory or optional is specified by the mustUnderstand attribute as described in [section 14 of bpel spec].

An example of using the namespace in a BPEL process is as follows:
An example, where the SCA extension is mandatory, is as follows:

<process ...>
         mustUnderstand="yes" />

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