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Subject: SCA-J TC's request to swap the call time with us


The SCA-J TC's weekly concall is from 10-11am Pacific. Some of the 
European members of that TC have expressed problems attending the SCA-J 
TC's calls as it is too late for them.

The SCA-J TC is trying to find a more convenient earlier time slot. One 
suggestion that has been made is that the SCA-BPEL TC and SCA-J TC swap 
call times. That TC assigned me an action to find out if this is 
acceptable to the SCA-BPEL TC. Therefore, I would like solicit opinions 
from the TC members regarding this. Especially from the regular European 

I'll like to put this on the agenda for next week's call (we don't have 
a call this week). But do send your opinion by email.

I'm cc'ing Simon Nash, the chair of the SCA-J TC.



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